Testicle Skewering by Sydney ProDomme Mistress Tara

With my background in the medical arena, I receive many weird but wonderful requests for all kinds of medical procedures and play. It is also no secret I love CBT and needles, so the request to skewer testicles is right up my alley.

For me, part of the fun is the prep work. What size needle do I want to use? How may needles will I stick in? Will I skewer one testicle per needle or will I skewer them both with the same needle? Although I have a lot of equipment ready to use, this is just another good excuse to go shopping. Going through my medical catalogue is like going through the candy shop when you are a child. I ended up with some beautiful 18G x 3’5 inch spinal needles. Perfect for the job.

After the initial part of session, it is time for the highlight of the medical CBT session. I lay the slave on my rack, tie him securely and tie off the balls. I hear the slave breath quicker and see the fear and excitement in his eyes. He knows what is about to happen.

I disinfect his balls, put on my sterile gloves and my assistant slavegirl M hands me the first long needle. I decide to place the needles straight through both testicles. Very slowly I start to push the needle into the first testicle. I see the slave tense up and he stops breathing for a moment. Then he starts to moan. Not very loud, but enough to give me a feeling of great satisfaction. I love being sadistic:-) Finally the needle reappears on the other side of the second testicle. One down.

I let the slave regain his normal breathing pattern and settle with the first needle. Time for another one. Again I slowly push the 9 cm long needle through both balls. It is quit amazing to see how much pain a slave can handle for his Mistress when he puts his mind to it. This is after all no easy task!

This time my slavegirl makes a little video. I very much enjoy watching these back at a later stage as in the moment itself I am so concentrated and full of adrenaline that time just goes too fast. This video can be seen on my profile Mistress_Tara on www.fetlife.com if you support Fetlife. Alternatively, I am in the progress of sourcing online video channels.

Sterile needles have an expiry date after which the are no longer considered sterile. So, as I do not want to be wasteful and have the needles go off, room for another one:-) The third needle slides in and makes this beautiful pattern of 3 parallel needles sticking out on either side of the tied testicles. As there is still plenty of space on top of the balls, I place some 20G needles into the testicles like needles into a pincushion.

To finish it all in a proper manner, I take my subzapper and fire some electric shocks onto the balls. For those who do not know what a subzapper is, it is like a cattle prod:-) Another wonderful day in the life of a ProDomme in Sydney!

For pictures visit my website www.MistressTara.com.au

Mistress Tara

Sensually and Spiritually Sadistic Dominatrix
Mobile: +61 (0) 403 370 446
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